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Clinical Psychologist

Katherine A. Prakken, Ph.D.


All relationships have ups and downs, so when do you need help? Lack of intimacy, poor communication, and excessive fighting may signal a need for therapy.

How can couples therapy help?

Couples therapy enhances communication skills, teaches "fair fighting," and increases connection. It is a safe place to talk about the hard things. Couples therapy allows both partners to grow into a deeper understanding of self and other. For example, learning about attachment style and "love languages" can be transformative.

Dr. Prakken is committed to helping couples work through their issues and stay together. Less frequently, she will help couples separate peacefully.

What's different about working with Dr. Prakken? She is a highly experienced therapist who can help couples talk about painful, awkward issues in a safe, non-blaming environment. She is unafraid of conflict, doesn't take sides, and has a sense of humor.

Dr. Prakken works with same or opposite sex couples and does premarital counseling.